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The Complete List of Investment Banking Target Schools

The school you go to is the #1 factor that influences your chance of getting into investment banking. A top target school like the University of Pennsylvania sends 5 to 10x as many people to Goldman Sachs as a semi-target school.

We scraped 15 years of LinkedIn data to examine which schools place the best into the top U.S. investment banks. We organized this data and ranked schools based on their # of Total Hires and the Undergrad Placement %, which examines the proportion of students that break into investment banking.

University of Pennsylvania Investment Banking Placement

The target school list and full methodology can be found here.

Below are links to specific-school analysis, which shows the individual firm placement data and other investment banking recruiting statistics.

Target Schools

1. University of Pennsylvania

2. Georgetown University

3. Harvard University

4. Columbia University

5. New York University

6. Cornell University

7. University of Notre Dame

8. University of Michigan

9. Yale University

10. The University of Texas at Austin

11. Princeton University

12. University of Chicago

13. University of California, Berkeley

14. Duke University

15. University of Virginia

Semi-Target Schools

16. University of Southern California

17. Dartmouth College

18. Brigham Young University

19. Stanford University

20. Southern Methodist University

21. Northwestern University

22. Indiana University

23. Boston College

24. Emory University

25. Brown University

26. University of California, Los Angeles

27. Western University

28. Vanderbilt University

29. Rice University

30. UNC Chapel Hill

Lower Semi-Target Schools

31. Middlebury College

32. Claremont McKenna College

33. Penn State University

34. Baruch College

35. Williams College

36. Fordham University

37. Washington University in St. Louis

38. Wake Forest University

39. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

40. Amherst College

41. University of Georgia

42. Texas A&M University

43. National University of Singapore

44. University of Florida

45. Boston University

46. Carnegie Mellon University

47. University of Wisconsin-Madison

48. Colgate University

49. The University of Hong Kong

50. Singapore Management University

51. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

52. The Johns Hopkins University

53. Queen's University

54. University of Miami

55. McGill University

56. Texas Christian University

57. Villanova University


59. Arizona State University

60. Georgia Institute of Technology

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