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Break into a Top Investment Bank

The exact interview questions, Excel exercises, and technical skills used by Wall Street's top institutions.

This free study plan outlines exactly how to prepare for interviews.

Five Stars

Avg. Course Rating: 4.9/5 (4,000+ students)

Aadil Khan
Alan Shaw
Stanley Liu
Shubhang Jani
Created by Bulge Bracket and Elite Boutique Veterans
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Get Ready for Interviews in 4 Weeks


Build Valuation and Interview Fundamentals

  • Learn the DCF, accretion / dilution, LBOs, and everything else the top firms expect you to know

  • Prepare for the Big 3 Qualitative Questions that get asked in >75% of all interviews 

Peak Frameworks Course
Peak Frameworks Excel


Complete Excel Exercises and Deal Sheets

  • Practice complex questions on WACC, comps, and accounting flowthrough in Excel

  • Prepare a stock pitch and deal summary to ace extremely technical interviews


Practice Technical Q&A and do Mock Interviews

  • Study the 500+ pg. recruiting guide and watch comprehensive video tutorials (130+ videos / 11+ hours)

  • Our cheat sheets will help you organize your qualitative questions, deal information, and essential formulas

Peak Frameworks Content

Maximize Your Chances of Getting a Top Offer

500+ Page Recruiting Guide and Knowledge Quizzes
covering all of the valuation principles, technical questions, and recruiting strategy you need to land a top investment banking job.
130+ Videos with 11+ Hours of Content
that simply and plainly explain every concept you need to know. Get ready for your investment banking super days in a couple of weekends.
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation, Accounting Principles, Paper LBOs
based on our years of work experience at the top bulge brackets and elite boutiques. Learn from industry experts that know the technical concepts deeply.
Interview Cheat Sheet and Sample Stock Pitches
that will accelerate your preparation time and ensure you're ready for even the most intense interview processes.
Accretion / Dilution and Accounting Flowthrough Worksheets
walking through the Excel mechanics and actual logic of how these analyses are performed on the job.
Investment Banking Concepts Explained by an Industry Expert
covering the essentials of corporate finance, how to perform valuation analyses, and the ins and outs of the recruiting process.
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Earn the Investment Banking Certificate

The Peak Frameworks brand is recognized in the investment banking world and has helped candidates distinguish themselves during recruiting.
The Peak Frameworks Investment Banking Certificate communicates to employers that you understand technical concepts and are a serious candidate.
The certificate can be included on your resume or LinkedIn and its authenticity will be verified by our team.

Investment Banking Course

limited one-time price of
(30% off the standard price of $499)
Our courses have been used by thousands of candidates to break into investment banking / private equity and have an average rating of 5 stars.

Our Students Get the Top Offers

I got my dream IB job because of you!

Wanted to let you know that I ended up getting multiple full time IB roles!! I can't thank you enough for all the effort you put into the courses and videos. I literally used one of your stock pitches and they loved it.


Investment Banking Analyst
Non-target who landed multiple offers

Your approach to recruiting and interviewing saved me.

Thank you so much for putting this course together. I feel like I learned more about finance from your course than I did during my entire sophomore year. Signed at a top shop with your help.


IBD Summer Analyst
Sophomore student who landed an on-cycle offer

Bulge Bracket and Elite Boutique Placement

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley

I'm Matt Ting, the Course Director of Peak Frameworks.

I was a top bucket analyst in Evercore's technology M&A team. I received four bulge bracket / elite boutique offers and also worked at private equity firms Silver Lake Partners and Providence Equity.

Investment banking recruiting is a systematic process that can be solved with proper effort and strategy. The difference between getting a top offer and missing out completely often comes down to the right preparation.

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Course Curriculum

Don't Leave Recruiting Up to Chance

Study the technical questions, interview format, and Excel exercises used by the top investment banks in the world.

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