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Modeling, Valuation and Investing

Build Models and Learn Corporate Finance

Go from beginner to corporate finance expert when you work through our Excel models and watch our 90+ videos.

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Practice Valuation Analyses

Learn the discounted cash flow, comparables, AVP, and other analyses from real examples.

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Develop an Investment Pitch

Train your investing mindset by learning how to analyze companies and build stock pitches.

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Know All the Finance Essentials

Excel Models
Discounted Cash
a Stock Pitch
Developing an
Investment Thesis
Excel and

Get access to the valuation and finance course that will fully prepare you for a career in finance. This course was made by private equity and investment banking professionals who understand exactly what it takes to break into finance.

We've compiled everything you need to go from a complete beginner to being ready for a corporate finance job. You'll learn how to build Excel financial models, do public company valuation, develop investment pitches, and much more.

5+ Excel Financial Models
of increasing difficulty, starting with fundamental finance principles and building up to the valuation model of a public company.
5+ Discounted Cash Flow Analyses
based on templates and resources used at the top investment banks and private equity firms. Learn the most essential valuation tool in all of corporate finance.
90+ Videos with 7+ Hours of Content
summarizing everything you need to know for your finance interviews. Systematically learn corporate finance at your own pace.
Real World Excel Examples
that teach you how to use Index / Match, Anchoring, custom formatting, data tables, CAGR calculations, and basis point formulas.
Corporate Finance and Accounting Principles
covering the 3 accounting statements, weighted average cost of capital, enterprise value, comparable companies analysis, and much more.
200+ Page Guide, Sample Investment Pitch, and Excel Analyses
that will take you from absolute beginner to being ready for a career in finance. Perfect for university students and career switchers.
Complex Concepts Simply Explained by an Industry Expert
Receive hands-on advice from someone with private equity and investment banking experience –something you won't get from any other course!
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Efficiently Learn Corporate Finance

The Valuation and Finance Starter Kit

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Our courses have been purchased by thousands of private equity and investment banking professionals and have an average rating of 5 stars.

Our Students Get the Top Offers

This is really the only resource you need to get an offer.

My headhunter was actually the one who recommended I get this course. I was extremely impressed with the content and the models were on point. Your ability to teach concepts made my private equity prep extremely efficient.


Private Equity Associate
Investment banking analyst who landed an off-cycle offer

I wouldn't have an internship without your help.

I decided to try out the valuation course because of your YouTube videos and am SO glad that I did. I was super prepared for my technicals and I've really excelled at my internship. I'm getting chances to model that other interns aren't.


Investment Banking Intern
College student who landed a summer analyst position

Top Tier Candidate Placements

Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley

This Course is Specifically Designed For

College Students
Extremely Keen High School Students
Career Switchers (Consultants, Engineers, etc.)
Finance Professionals Trying to Sharpen Their Skills
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Matt Ting

I'm Matt Ting, the Course Director of Peak Frameworks.

I've spent my career working at the top private equity funds and was a top bucket analyst at a leading investment bank. I've worked at Silver Lake Partners, Providence Equity and Evercore in New York and Silicon Valley and received offers from several other investment firms.

I know exactly how tough the struggle is - I come from an international school and had to grind tooth and nail to get looks at those firms.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction and Course Overview


  • Introduction to Excel Section (0:18)
  • Excel Quick Access Toolbar (3:10)
  • Excel Formatting Rules (5:47)
  • Excel Custom Formatting (4:57)
  • Anchoring (12:45)
  • Index / Match (9:31)
  • Index / Match Example (14:56)

Accounting Principles and Liquidity Forecast

  • Introduction to Accounting Section (0:34)
  • Income Statement (9:46)
  • Non-Cash Expenses (3:01)
  • EBITDA (2:29)
  • Cash Flow Statement (6:06)
  • Cash Flow Statement Detail (7:33)
  • Free Cash Flow (3:00)
  • Balance Sheet (5:39)
  • Balance Sheet Flowchart (2:30)
  • Balance Sheet - Assets (4:36)
  • Balance Sheet - Liabilities (4:06)
  • Balance Sheet - Equity (1:48)
  • Net Working Capital (6:24)
  • Troubleshooting a Balance Sheet (7:17)
  • Basis Points (4:16)
  • Compound Annual Growth Rate (5:04)

Financial Modeling Tests

  • Introduction to Financial Modeling Test Section (0:37)
  • Financial Model Level 1 (12:00)
  • Financial Model Level 2 (17:28)
  • Financial Model Level 3 (14:15)
  • Financial Model Level 4 (18:16)
  • Financial Model Level 5 (14:45)

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Analysis

  • Introduction to the Discounted Cash Flow Section (0:26)
  • Valuation (5:55)
  • Asset Risk (1:55)
  • Time Value of Money (7:45)
  • The Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (4:00)
  • Terminal Value (9:44)
  • DCF Example #2 (3:32)
  • DCF Example #3 (7:04)
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (3:55)
  • WACC Example #1 (2:53)
  • Equity and Debt as Capital Sources (6:53)
  • WACC Example #2 (5:49)
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (4:58)
  • Beta (4:55)
  • WACC Inputs (3:49)
  • Tax Shield (4:45)
  • WACC Example #3 (4:17)
  • Enterprise Value - Part 1 (9:16)
  • Enterprise Value - Part 2 (7:10)
  • Treasury Stock Method (6:54)
  • Data Table (8:03)
  • Data Table Tips (3:45)
  • DCF Example #4 (4:52)
  • DCF Example #5 (11:59)

Comparable Companies Valuation Analysis

  • Introduction to Comparable Companies Section (0:28)
  • What is a Valuation Multiple? (6:58)
  • Apples to Apples (3:14)
  • Enterprise Value vs. Equity Value Multiples (2:46)
  • Determing Comparable Companies (8:52)
  • Standardizing Comps Data (2:47)
  • Valuation Metrics (6:54)
  • Comps Example #1 - Facebook (24:51)
  • Benchmarking Financial Information (2:35)
  • How to Imply the Valuation of a Company (6:54)
  • Next Twelve Months vs. Last Twelve Months (1:57)
  • What Drives Multiples? (2:03)
  • Comps Example #2 - Private Company (10:31)
  • Pros and Cons of Comps Analysis (2:59)
  • Exponential Relationships in Multiples (1:54)

The Stock Pitch Presentation

  • Introduction to the Stock Pitch Section (0:24)
  • PowerPoint Basics (8:33)
  • What's in a Good Company? (5:32)
  • Value vs. Growth Investing Philosophies (2:28)
  • Where to get Stock Pitch Ideas (3:24)
  • How to Screen for Stocks (5:04)
  • Stock Screen Example - Part 1 (4:02)
  • Stock Screen Example - Part 2 (14:37)
  • Selecting a Stock (7:16)
  • Public Information Book - PIB (6:09)
  • Executive Summary and Company Overview (7:13)
  • Business Model (7:45)
  • Industry Analysis (4:18)
  • Creating Graphs for a Stock Pitch (18:34)
  • Overview of Financial Forecast and Model (5:40)
  • Spreading a Company's Financials (15:25)
  • Forecasting a Company's Financials (6:40)
  • Bookings and Revenue Build (6:40)
  • Updating a Company's Financials (10:39)
  • Analyzing Cost Structure (3:23)
  • Stock Pitch DCF Analysis (8:57)
  • Analysis at Various Prices (5:45)
  • Stock Pitch Comps Analysis (4:38)
  • Football Field Analysis (11:25)
  • Risks and Catalysts (7:05)

Be 100% Prepared for the Job

Ensure you have all the models and resources you need to land a top finance job.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Peak Frameworks course compare to other guides out there?

Our courses are frequently updated and are based on the actual recruiting and interview processes conducted by private equity firms and investment banks today. We maintain contacts in the industry and create specially tailored content based on what the top firms use in their training.

A big reason we created the Peak Frameworks course is because other guides had overly simplistic models and referenced outdated questions. This course comes with several real world Excel examples. We'll be there to answer your questions every step of the way.

What is your refund policy?

The course can be refunded within 14 days. For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a course, you can request a refund.

Do you need paid resources to land a job in finance?

No, but many, many people pay for guides, private tutors and industry coaching because of how competitive the process is. It's not necessary, but it can save you critical amounts of prep time and give you a clear information advantage over your peers. The industry is so opaque that it can be hard to succeed without the right insight. We guarantee that you'll save yourself many hours by studying from one concise resource.

When should I start learning how to model?

Given how accelerated investment banking and finance recruiting is, we recommend that university candidates be fully technically prepared by their sophomore year. Candidates do not need to know how to model until they begin their internships, but we think it is important that candidates have a strong understanding of technicals well ahead of the interview process.

Post-college candidates seeking to switch careers should ideally learn how to model in advance of speaking with headhunters or applying to jobs.

How long will this course take me?

There are >7 hours of video content, 5 financial model tests, and 1 stock pitch walkthrough in the course. We would advise you to watch an hour or so of content per week and attempt one model per week. The ideal time frame would be about 1 to 2 months of prep.

Do you offer any coaching or tutoring?

We have limited slots available for coaching. Please reach out to if you would like to be coached for finance recruiting.

How long do I have access to this course?

Forever. A one-time payment of $277 (30% off the standard price of $395) gives you access to this course and all future updates.

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