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Break into Equity Research

You'll learn to build financial models, analyze public companies, and write investment reports.

Learn about different revenue builds in this free tutorial.

Five Stars

Avg. Course Rating: 4.9/5 (3,000+ students)

Aadil Khan
Alan Shaw
Stanley Liu
Shubhang Jani
Created by Experts from the Top Institutions
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Analyze a Company's Financials and Share Price

Study detailed public company models covering analyses used by Wall Street's top equity research firms: segment-based revenue builds, non-GAAP adjustments, probability weighting share price analysis, and more.

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Study Public Companies like an Investor

Learn how to read company filings, synthesize investor presentations, and forecast long-term projections using real world examples from software, energy, healthcare, and more.

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Prepare for Stock Pitches and Case Studies

Develop your own stock pitch investment thesis and practice the case study formats used by the leading equity research firms (company vettings, investment reports, revenue build-ups, etc.)

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Equity research is a great career path for finance professionals who enjoy studying the public markets, working with investors, and writing reports. This course will teach you everything you need to navigate the recruiting process, land a top offer, and succeed on the job.


Equity research also heavily rewards industry specialization, which makes it an extremely popular choice for career switchers (e.g., healthcare, technology, energy).

Land a Top Equity Research Offer

5+ Public Company Financial Models
with bottoms-up revenue builds, long-term projections, and Non-GAAP adjustments. Examples include Meta, Cummins, Moderna, Tesla, and Delta Air Lines.
6+ Modeling & Valuation Tests
assessing your understanding of 3-statement financial models, corporate accounting, valuation multiples, and sensitizing multiple cases.
80+ Videos with 7+ Hours of Content
summarizing all of the recruiting knowledge and technical information you need to get a top equity research job.
Case Study Examples
including investment reports, company vettings, detailed revenue builds, and more. Learn how to do case study interviews by studying high quality examples.
Public Market Principles
covering share price projections, probability weighting, cyclical valuation multiples, tracking public market performance, and more.
250+ Page Guide, Public Company Investment Report, and Q&A Guide
including the most common questions asked by equity research firms. We'll walk you through all of the valuation, modeling, and investment analysis you need.
Equity Research Concepts Explained by an Industry Expert
Get all of your technical and recruiting questions answered by someone with experience at the top equity research firms on Wall Street.
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The Equity Research Course

limited one-time price of
(50% off the standard price of $395)
Our courses have been purchased by thousands of finance professionals and students and have an average rating of 5 stars.

Our Students Get the Best Offers

I got multiple offers because of your help and advice.

The coaching and lessons I got were much, much better than what I was using before. Abdul broke down all of the recruiting cycle and technicals in a clear and digestible way.


Equity Research Associate
MBA who landed both equity research and IBD roles

Hands down the best equity research content out there.

I was interning at a research boutique trying to move to a bulge bracket when I reached out to Abdul. Abdul laid out ALL of the interview prep I needed to do and made me feel confident going into the interview room.


Equity Research Analyst
Landed a bulge bracket offer for full time recruiting

Top Tier Candidate Placements

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
BofA Securities

Why Equity Research?

Develop a broad technical skillset  including financial modeling, writing reports, public markets, and investment analysis
Extremely reliable path for career switchers, as specialized industry knowledge is highly valued (e.g., coming from healthcare or academia)
Excellent exit opportunities into hedge funds, mutual funds, corporate development, and investor relations
Reasonable work-life balance and career progression when compared to all other front office roles

Learn Industry and Recruiting Secrets

Investment Bank Structure.png

How does equity research work with investment banking?

Equity Research Exit Opportunities.png

What are the typical exit opportunities out of equity research?

Equity Research Recruiting Process.png

How does on-cycle recruiting work at the bulge bracket level?

Treasury Stock Method.png

How should we think about public company financing?

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I'm Abdul Tambal, the Equity Research Course Instructor

I've spent my career working at J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs in equity research, as well as credit research. I spent several years at J.P. Morgan's New York office covering large-cap industrials companies and was part of the recruiting team while there. I am also a CFA charterholder.

I've received several offers from top hedge funds, so I understand exactly how to navigate the buyside recruiting process.

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Course Curriculum

Don't Leave Recruiting up to Chance

Get the model tests, case studies, and questions used by Wall Street's top equity research firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

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