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Why Peak Frameworks?

We're industry professionals committed to giving you the highest quality finance prep material in the world.

Created by Experts from the Top Institutions
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Our Students Consistently Land Top Jobs

Our courses have been purchased by thousands of private equity and investment banking professionals and have an average rating of 5 stars.

Avg. Course Rating: 4.9/5 (4,000+ students)

Top Tier Candidate Placements

Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley

How We Compare to the Rest

Peak Frameworks
Wall Street Prep
Wall Street Oasis
Breaking Into Wall Street
Corporate Finance Institute
Founded by Top BB / EB Professionals
Founded by Top PE Professionals
Offers Recruiting Process Updates
Has Case Studies Used in Interviews
Content Made in the Last 3 Years
Access to All New Content
High Quality, Up-To-Date Courses
Our comprehensive courses come with real model templates and detailed instructional videos. All of our materials were made in the past few years and are consistently updated.
Established Industry Connections
We are a team of industry professionals who still maintain direct ties to several investment banks and private equity firms. We have several headhunter contacts and send out relevant recruiting updates to exclusively help our students.
Direct Buyside Experience
Our team is composed of people with upper middle market and large cap private equity experience. We are one of the few companies to offer a private equity recruiting specific course and the only one to offer actual case studies previously used by firms.

Our Courses

Most Popular

Best Value

We Really Just Want You to Succeed

We've been helping people achieve their finance career goals for years. We've made a large amount of free content that you can check out before signing up for a course.

Free YouTube Videos

We make high-quality, free YouTube content covering important topics such as salary, hours worked, and recruiting timelines.

Thoughtful Answers to Your Questions

If you ask us a question in one of our courses, on YouTube or via e-mail, we'll do our best to give you tailored and honest advice.
Our Courses
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On YouTube
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Detailed Long-Form Articles

We write long-form transparent articles about specific finance recruiting topics. Reach out if you have a suggestion for an article!


My personal blog, where I transparently share my thoughts on career and my own challenges with my work in finance. This might be helpful if you've been thinking about the philosophical aspects of your career or hate your job.

Free Western Investment Club Recruiting Guide

You can also check out the first finance guide I helped write (back in university), completely free!
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