I'm Matt Ting,
the Course Director.

I've spent my career working at mega funds and was a top bucket analyst at a top investment bank. I've worked at Silver Lake Partners, Providence Equity and Evercore in New York and Silicon Valley and received offers from several other investment firms.

We started Peak Frameworks to help even the playing field of finance recruiting. I know exactly how tough the struggle is because I went to an international school and had to diligently grind to get my first interviews.

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Don't Leave Recruiting Up to Chance

Get the model tests, case studies, and questions used by the most competitive private equity firms in the world.

I'm Patrick Fong,
an Advisor.

I've spent my career specializing in technology at TPG Capital and Evercore. I'm currently studying at the Harvard Business School and graduated NYU Stern as Valedictorian of my class.

Back when Matt and I recruited for private equity, we relied on each other to prep. We were willing to put in the work, but we found that a lot of the resources handed down were out of date or just wrong, and we think there is a great opportunity for a team that does it right.

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I'm Ryan Yaraghi,
an Advisor.

I'm currently a Senior Associate at Searchlight Capital Partners in New York, a top value-oriented private equity firm. I previously worked at Evercore in New York and am a graduate of NYU Stern.


As someone in the industry, I can assure you that our courses are going to teach you everything you need to know to land a top offer.

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Our Story

Our story begins back in the trenches of investment banking, where we were all part of the same analyst class at Evercore in New York. We were desperate to break onto the buyside and grinded at the office late on weekends in order to be as prepared as possible for on-cycle recruiting.


But when we actually interviewed, we realized most of the resources we used were... outdated, irrelevant, or straight-up wrong.

Some other popular guides hadn't been updated for years. These were huge documents that ended up wasting our precious time. They focused on unimportant minutiae, emphasized unpopular investment structures, and constantly had irrelevant questions. We realized that most of these guides were made by people who didn't end up at great private equity funds - these people were just guessing what would be on the interviews.

Our Goal

It became obvious once we finished our private equity associate gigs that there is a lot of misinformation floating around. Unfortunately, if you aren't part of the right fraternity or right industry group, there's a good chance you'll study the wrong topics or get blindsided by headhunters. 

At Peak Frameworks, our goal is to guide people through the opacity of the finance recruiting process. We know exactly what it feels like to have ambition, but not have enough guidance. Our goal is to ensure that anyone can break into finance if they are willing to work hard. 

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