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The Complete Finance Framework

5 courses that take you from complete beginner to finance professional.

Ensure you're on the best path possible with our Excel models and recruiting guides.

Five Stars

Avg. Course Rating: 4.9/5 (4,000+ students)

Aadil Khan
Alan Shaw
Stanley Liu
Shubhang Jani
Created by Experts from the Top Institutions
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Our Complete Library for the Lowest Price



& Excel

& Cover Letter


Take the Stress Out of Recruiting


Write the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter

  • Start developing your network by reaching out with a professional 1-page finance resume



Learn Financial Modeling and Excel Skills

  • Build financial models and learn the fundamentals to hit the ground running at your first job



Get a Top Sell-Side Finance Job

  • Model accretion/dilution analysis, pitch M&A ideas, and ace qualitative interviews with our investment banking and equity research courses



Break into a Top Private Equity Firm

  • Our private equity course is recommended by headhunters and has helped thousands of people get into mega funds


Be Prepared Every Step of Your Career

5 Comprehensive Courses Made by Finance Professionals
that will optimize your path from complete beginner to investor at a top fund. Write your first resume, get onto the sell-side, and land a private equity offer.
400+ Videos with 40+ Hours of Content
simply explaining every concept, model and question you need to know for your interviews. Our concise videos will prepare you efficiently.
LBO, Discounted Cash Flow, and Accretion/Dilution Models
based on our work experience at top private equity funds and investment banks. Feel confident for every model test and technical question you could possibly get.
Sample Stock Pitches, Interview Questions and Cheat Sheets
that will dramatically simplify your interview prep. Study our library of hundreds of interview questions and Excel examples.

The Complete Finance Framework

limited one-time price of
(~20% less than if you bought each course separately)
Our courses have been used by thousands of candidates to break into investment banking / private equity and have an average rating of 5 stars.

Distinguish Yourself with a Certificate

The Peak Frameworks brand is recognized in the corporate finance world and has helped candidates distinguish themselves during recruiting.
We offer certificates for our Private Equity and Investment Banking courses, which are included in this bundle.
These certificates can be included on your resume or LinkedIn and its authenticity will be verified by our team.

Enroll in the Private Equity Resume Database

We collect resumes from our candidates going through private equity recruiting and compile them into a database.
Students in our resume database will also have access to exclusive recruiting opportunities directly from private equity firms.
Note: The next resume drop date will be in 2025. The resume deadline for Summer 2024 has closed.

Our Students Get the Top Offers

This is really the only resource you need to get an offer.

My headhunter was actually the one who recommended I get this course. I was extremely impressed with the content and the models were on point. Your ability to teach concepts made my private equity prep extremely efficient.


Private Equity Associate
Investment banking analyst who landed an off-cycle offer

I wouldn't have an internship without your help.

I decided to try out the valuation course because of your YouTube videos and am SO glad that I did. I was super prepared for my technicals and I've really excelled at my internship. I'm getting chances to model that other interns aren't.


Investment Banking Intern
College student who landed a summer analyst position

Our Students Get the Best Placements

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley
L Catterton

I'm Matt Ting, the Course Director of Peak Frameworks.

I've spent my career working at the top private equity funds and was a top bucket analyst at a leading investment bank. I've worked at Silver Lake Partners, Providence Equity and Evercore in New York and Silicon Valley and received offers from several other investment firms.

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Get Everything Here for a One-Time Fee



& Excel

& Cover Letter


  • LBO models

  • Preferred securities and advanced modeling

  • Case study walkthroughs

  • Accretion/dilution & accounting flowthrough

  • Valuation models (DCF, comps)

  • Interview question bank

  • 3-statement financial model

  • Stock pitch presentation

  • Excel and Powerpoint training

  • My resumes and cover letters from PE, IB, school

  • Resume bullet point bank

  • Templates and checklists

  • Public company models

  • Equity research report writing

  • How to craft an investment thesis

Simplify Your Journey in Finance

Get the best resources to guide you through every step of finance recruiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Peak Frameworks course compare to other guides out there?
    No other course provides this level of insight into the recruiting process. We'll cover the on-cycle timeline, case studies used by mega funds, and headhunter coverage. A big reason we created the Peak Frameworks course is because other guides had overly simplistic models and referenced outdated questions. We've hired and interviewed on behalf of the top private equity funds over the past few years and know exactly what you need to prepare. We are constantly updating our course materials and frequently ask our industry peers about the questions being asked.
  • What is your refund policy?
    The course can be refunded within 14 days. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can request a refund. In order to qualify for a refund, you must complete Knowledge Assessment I in the course. This is to ensure that you have actually attempted to go through the course. Please note that your downloaded course materials are stamped with your email and name. We add emails found on circulated course materials to our internal blacklist.
  • Do you need paid resources to land a private equity offer?
    No, but many, many people pay for guides, private tutors and coaching because of how competitive the process is. It's not necessary, but it can save you critical amounts of prep time and give you a clear information advantage over your peers. The industry is honestly just very opaque, so it can be hard to succeed without the right insight. We guarantee that you'll save tons of time and maximize your chances at a top private equity offer by using this concise resource.
  • How important is modeling during on-cycle recruiting?
    The vast majority of top funds are going to give you an LBO model test during on-cycle recruiting, so we advise being able to build a simple LBO from scratch within 2 hours. During the off-cycle, there's a good chance you'll get a take-home case study and have to build a model from scratch. In super rushed processes, there may be more emphasis on doing a paper LBO and discussing transaction experience.
  • When should I start preparing for on-cycle recruiting?
    Recruiting has become so accelerated that the associate on-cycle process has typically kicked off within 4-5 months of graduation. It normally takes candidates at least a month or so to fully digest all of the information required, so we would recommend eager candidates to start studying shortly after graduation or concurrent with school.
  • How long will this course take me?
    There are ~10 hours of video content and 5 LBO model tests in the course. We would advise you to watch one to two hours of content per week and attempt one LBO model per week. Each model will take you between 2-4 hours. The ideal time frame would be about 5 or 6 weeks of prep.
  • Do you offer any coaching or tutoring?
    We have limited slots available for coaching. Please reach out to if you would like to be coached for private equity recruiting.
  • How long do I have access to this course?
    Forever. You will have lifetime access to this course and all future updates.

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