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Why Macquarie Capital for Investment Banking? / Overview of Macquarie Capital

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Macquarie Capital is an Australian middle market investment bank. Its parent, Macquarie Group, offers various other financial services and is one of the world's largest infrastructure asset managers. Macquarie has a $7B fund dedicated to investing in North American infrastructure.

Macquarie has consistently placed as the top investment bank in Australia for M&A and IPO transactions.

Macquarie Capital Overview

Remember that in order to craft a great answer to the common question "Why this Firm?", it's your responsibility to read articles and speak with employees. If you are interviewing with Macquarie Capital, you should make sure you know:

  • 1 deal that the investment banking group has done

  • 1 person at the firm (ideally someone who would have influence over your recruiting process)

  • 1 business model-specific detail to mention

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Big 3 Qualitative Questions

Selected Transaction

Macquarie Capital advised Australian capital markets firm Pendal on its sale to competitor Perpetual Limited. The resulting firm will become a major multi-boutique asset manager with over A$200B in AUM.

  • Transaction Description: Perpetual Limited (ASX:PPT) entered into non-binding indicative proposal to acquire Pendal Group Limited (ASX:PDL) from a group of shareholders.

  • Transaction Value: A$2.5B, mix of cash and stock

  • Transaction Date: Announced April 2022

Fact Sheet

Macquarie Capital Logo

  • Company Name: Macquarie Capital (part of Macquarie Group)

  • Description: Macquarie Capital advises companies on growth opportunities, sources investment funds, negotiates transactions, lists companies on the share market, and invests alongside clients

  • Bank Category: Middle Market

  • Ticker: ASX:MQG

  • Founded: 1969 (for Macquarie Group)

  • Employees: 18,000 (for Macquarie Group)

  • Chief Executive Officer: Shemara Wikramanayake (for Macquarie Group) and Michael Silverton (for Macquarie Capital)

  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia


Macquarie Capital Glassdoor

Macquarie Capital Salary

Based on the H1B Database, the average base salary for an Analyst at Macquarie is $100k-$145.

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