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Why Providence Equity for Private Equity? / Overview of Providence Equity

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Providence Equity Partners is a private equity firm founded in 1989 and headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence Equity is a major private equity investor and has an AUM of >$32B. Providence Equity focuses on growth-oriented media, communications, education, and technology investments across North America and Europe.

The firm has a global presence, with additional offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, and other locations.

Providence Equity has particular expertise in media and telecommunications, and it has made investments in companies such as Hulu, Topgolf, and the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES).

Providence Equity was also responsible for launching the growth equity firm PSG Equity.

Providence Equity Partners Overview

Remember that in order to craft a great answer to the common question "Why this Firm?", it's your responsibility to read articles and speak with employees. If you are interviewing with Providence Equity, you should make sure you know:

  • 1 deal that the investment team you are recruiting with has done

  • 1 person at the firm (ideally someone who would have influence over your recruiting process)

  • 1 business model-specific detail to mention

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Big 3 Qualitative Questions

Selected Transaction

Through a growth investment in partnership with Apollo, Providence Equity helped found North Road, a multi-genre film and TV studio led by renowned businessman Peter Chernin.

  • Transaction Description: The North Road Company announced that it has received $500 million in funding from new investor, Providence Equity Partners L.L.C. for a minority stake in the company.

  • Transaction Date: Closed July 2022

  • Transaction Value: $500mm

  • Press Release

Fact Sheet

Providence Equity Partners Logo

  • Company Name: Providence Equity Partners

  • Description: Providence Equity Partners is a specialist private equity investment firm with more than 170 global growth investments in media, communications, education, and technology

  • Firm Category: Private Equity / Upper Middle Market

  • Status: Providence Equity Partners is a privately held company

  • Founded: 1989

  • Assets Under Management: $32B

  • Flagship Fund Size: Providence Equity Partners VIII LP ($6B raised in 2019)

  • Chief Executive Officer: Jonathan Nelson

  • Headquarters: Providence, USA


Providence Equity Partners Glassdoor

Providence Equity Partners Salary

Based on the H1B Database, the average base salary for an Associate at Providence Equity is $115k. We note that this salary information may be dated and not reflective of their current pay.


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