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  • Understanding Balance Sheets: An Overview for Finance Professionals

    What is a Balance Sheet? A balance sheet is a financial statement that presents a company's assets, liabilities, and equity at A balance sheet adheres to the fundamental accounting equation: Assets = Liabilities + Equity This equation How Does a Balance Sheet Work? A balance sheet is divided into two sections: assets and liabilities & equity.

  • A Comprehensive Guide on Liabilities: Types of Liabilities, Accounting Principles, and Examples

    Financial Statement Analysis and Liabilities Balance Sheet Importance of Liabilities in Assessing Financial In 2018, Tesla Inc. faced pressure from debt covenants requiring it to maintain a certain cash balance

  • Balanced Scorecard: Definition, Challenges, and Risk

    The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) A strategic performance management tool The Balanced Scorecard provides Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Strategy Strategizing is a core component of any organization's success The Strategic Advantage of the Balanced Scorecard The beauty of the BSC lies in its holistic approach Conclusion In essence, with its holistic approach, the Balanced Scorecard ensures that organizations

  • Finance Jobs with Good Work / Life Balance

    Work and Life Balance It’s a bit counterintuitive to enter finance and then optimize for work / life balance, but there are some very comfortable finance jobs out there. The work / life balance here is predicated on the structure and business model, not the job itself. / Business Development The third category of finance jobs that tend to have a palatable work / life balance Pros: Get to interface with top investors from around the world More reasonable work / life balance and

  • Top Investment Banks and Categories of Investment Banks

    These categorizations are based on business model (balance sheet or no balance sheet) and size (largest Put simply, bulge brackets and middle market investment banks still have a balance sheet and engage in Bulge Brackets Bulge brackets and middle market banks have balance sheets. As a “balance sheet bank”, you have the ability to underwrite and lead financing deals because of your Morgan and Bank of America have huge balance sheets and win lots of business because of their ability

  • What is the Accounting Cycle?

    sheet items. Adjusted Trial Balance. The company generates its income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and statement of Balance Sheet The Accounting Cycle determines the assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity figures appearing on the balance sheet.

  • What is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and Why is it Used?

    Off-balance-sheet Arrangements Companies can use SPVs to move assets or liabilities off their balance sheets, which can improve financial ratios and make the company more attractive to investors. However, this off-balance-sheet practice is heavily regulated due to the potential for misuse, as seen

  • Elite Boutique Investment Banking Primer

    Elite Boutiques Don't Have Balance Sheets A very important distinction is that elite boutiques don’t have balance sheets or they have very small balance sheets. In order to lead an IPO or lend a company billions of dollars, you need to have a balance sheet and a In fact, many bulge brackets use their balance sheet in order to win deals. Not having a balance sheet can hold you back a tiny bit.

  • What is Accounting? Explaining GAAP vs IFRS

    expense in the income statement, while capital leases are recorded as an asset and a liability on the balance sheet. Under IFRS, all leases are treated as finance leases and are recorded as assets and liabilities on the balance sheet.

  • Credit Sales: Definition, Mechanics, and Benefits to Buyer/Seller

    Cash Flow Challenges: Deferred payments can strain a company’s cash flow, making it essential to balance Balance Sheet Considerations: Accounts receivable and the allowance for doubtful accounts on the balance sheet provide insight into the company’s management of credit risk and its impact on liquidity.

  • What is Salvage Value? Explanation and Examples in Finance

    Formula: Annual Depreciation Expense = (Cost of Asset - Salvage Value) / Useful Life Declining Balance Depreciation: $45,000 / 5 years = $9,000 per year Importance of Salvage Value in Financial Reporting Balance Sheet Accuracy: Properly accounting for depreciation using salvage value ensures the accuracy of the asset's book value on the balance sheet.

  • Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Primer

    Financing is an important part of the business, but becomes more of a balance sheet war as opposed to Bulge Brackets Have Balance Sheets The clearest divide between bulge brackets and elite boutiques / independent advisors is the presence of a balance sheet. sheet. You need a corporate balance sheet in order to lend money.

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