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I'm Matt Ting. Let's Perfect your Resume.

I've spent my career working at the top private equity funds and was a top bucket analyst at a leading investment bank. 


I've edited and reviewed hundreds of finance resumes and know exactly what firms are looking for. I'll give you detailed and direct feedback so you can apply to jobs with the best resume possible.

Get Help from the Best in the Industry
Thoughtful Editing and Comments

We'll carefully read your resume line by line and give you specific feedback and comments.

The difference between a good and bad resume is not always obvious to someone new to the industry. If you work with us, you'll have the full confidence that your resume meets the standards of the top investment banking and private equity firms.

Get a Resume that You Fully Trust .
Professional Resume Review
thoroughly analyzing all of your work experiences and job descriptions. We'll work with you to make sure you're describing your career in a professional and compelling way.
Detailed Comments in Word
analyzing every single line of your resume. We'll ensure that your bullet points are written thoughtfully and that you clearly highlight the outcome of what you did in each role.
Advice on Formatting and Structuring
to ensure that you have no grammar mistakes and that you're following the modern finance resume format. Never organized your resume around transaction experience before? We'll help you out!
Learn What Headhunters and Employers Look For
We've reviewed hundreds of resumes on behalf of investment banks and private equity firms. We know all the little details that professionals in the industry look out for.
Professional Resume Review
for the one-time price of

"Matt and Patrick were quite literally the biggest hardos in that analyst class. I studied using Matt’s materials and it made a huge difference for recruiting."

Fina Pang (Evercore, KKR)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting in this professional resume review?

We'll go over your resume in thorough detail, making sure it's the best it can be. We'll ensure your resume has modern formatting, that it's written in a professional business voice, and that it describes your work experience as comprehensively as possible. We've been through many, many resumes over the years that we know how to spot a winner! We'll send back an edited resume Word document with a list of specific, detailed comments.

How long does a review take?

You can expect the review period to take 2-3 business days.

Why would I pay for this when I can write a resume myself?

Of course you can write a resume yourself, but with the help of our reviews, you'll have the full confidence that it's the best it can possibly be. You'll have an edge over your peers because you'll have access to industry professionals who already worked in investment banking and private equity. Think about it, some of your competition pays hundreds and thousands of dollars for expensive tutoring and consulting. Why not pay a one-time fee to get your resume in its best shape?

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